Police Beat (Jan. 30 – Feb. 5)

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February 8, 2007

11:22 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 30 — A student reported vandalism to a vehicle parked on Ukrop Drive. The damage reported was to the side mirror of the vehicle. Estimated damage was $150.

Thursday, Feb. 1 — A student called into report that she had been receving annoying and disturbing calls on her cell phone. The last call the student received was Jan. 31. The student did not file a formal complaint.
—Another student called to report that she had received obscene calls on her cell phone.

Saturday, Feb. 3 — A student living in Jamestown North reported vandalism. The student reported that someone had taken all of the food from her freezer that she had placed there two nights before. Estimated value of the food was $50.

Sunday, Feb. 4 — A student living in Unit F called the police to report a larceny. Items reported stolen were an ID card, credit card and a cell phone.

Monday, Feb. 5 — A student reported that her coat and keys were stolen. She claimed that they had been stolen while she was at a party at the Sigma Chi fraternity. Estimated loss was $125.

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