Flat Hat obtains SA candidate list

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March 4, 2008

6:05 PM

p. The Flat Hat has obtained a copy of a tentative candidate list for the March 20 Student Assembly elections.

p. A source, who asked to remain anonymous, provided the list to The Flat Hat six days before the candidates officially declare on March 10.

p. Student Assembly Pres/VP:

p. Valerie Hopkins/Zachary Pilchen

p. Adam Rosen/Emily Nunez

p. Cliff Dunn/Brian Hinnegan-Stevenson

p. Class of 2009:

p. President:

p. Kevin Dua

p. VP Advocacy:

p. Kristin Slawter

p. VP Social Affairs:

p. Samantha Fien-Helfman

p. Secretary:

p. Chris Ilardo

p. Treasurer:

p. Senator:

p. Matthew Beato

p. Walter McClean

p. Caroline Mullis

p. Matt Pinsker

p. Class of 2010:

p. President:

p. Ali Snell

p. VP Advocacy:

p. Laura Nelson

p. VP Social Affairs:

p. Alyssa Wallace

p. Secretary:

p. Jessica Taubman


p. Andrew Noll


p. James Dunleavy

p. Ryan Eickle

p. Ross Gillingham

p. Steven Nelson

p. Sarah Rojas

p. Orlando Watson

p. Class of 2011:

p. President:

p. Yael Gilboa

p. Jazmine Pina

p. VP Advocacy:

p. Sarah Owermohle

p. VP Social Affairs:

p. Julia Riesenberg

p. Winston Torrence

p. Secretary:

p. Chrissy Scott

p. Treasurer:

p. Senator:

p. William Brannon

p. Ben Brown

p. Michael Douglass

p. Brittany Fallon

p. Alex Kashurba

p. Ian Kirkpatrick

p. Jennifer Lopdrup

p. Michael Taylor

p. Mike Tsidulko

p. David Witkowsky

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