This Week in Flat Hat History – March 21

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March 21, 2008

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p. An on-campus post office was established to alleviate the difficulties of the previous dormitory post office system. The office would distribute letters and packages, as well as sell stamps. However, the office would not accept outgoing packages.

p. 1964

p. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands acted as chairman of the 13th annual Bilderberg meeting on international affairs held in Williamsburg. The meetings were informal conferences between leaders in industry, labor, government and education from Western Europe, Canada and the U.S.

p. 1979

p. The Deans of the College voted to consider the possibility of adding a short fall break to the academic calendar. The final decision was to be made in April and implemented the following semester.

p. 1981

p. One of a paddle of ducks that called the Crim Dell home was killed. A group of students kidnapped three ducks as part of a scavenger hunt and made ransom calls to College officials. The group killed one duck, then plucked and cleaned it. Officials discovered the other two ducks in residence hall showers after several days, hungry and neglected. The responsible students were later suspended.

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