This Week in Flat Hat History: April 15

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April 15, 2008

2:02 AM


Women of the College received news through a telegram message that their petition to the Phi Mu national had been approved, and the College had received permission to start a chapter of the sorority on campus.


The Psychology Department held an Open House in Phi Beta Kappa Hall from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. where students could participate in studies and watch movies from the Yale Institute of Human Relations. Experiments included a lie detector test and a nine-hole coordination tests. Students could also take I.Q. and colorblind test. The event was a success, as most of the student body attended and stayed late.


The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board granted Paul’s Deli permission to sell alcoholic beverages. Owner Paul Romeos feared that an appeal would be filed and permission revoked. Kikki Lappas of the College Delly voiced disapproval of Paul’s License but decided not to file an appeal.


An unidentified male was seen walking the first floor of Spotswood Hall in the Botetourt Complex. The next day, students reported seeing a suspicious individual shining a flashlight into the freshman dorm’s first floor lounge. Campus Police did not find the individual responsible.

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