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Staff Editorial: Thanks, Sam

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April 25, 2008

3:39 AM

Few students will ever give as much to the College as Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler ’64. As a student and an administrator, the man has spent 44 years on this campus. He has, in short, devoted his life to this place. After returning in 1967 as an assistant dean of Admissions, Sadler steadily rose through the ranks, dedicating himself to students all the while.

These days, it’s impossible to imagine him apart from his e-mails and campus addresses. It seems Sadler has stayed by our side through every College tradition. From his rendition of the Night Before Christmas during the Yule Log Ceremony to his gentle cautions on Blowout, Sadler has always balanced sincerity with a light heart — we respect his ability to do this. His e-mails tell it like it is, even if his knee gets the weather wrong every once in a while. For several generations of students, Sadler has become an institution. To lose him is to lose a part of the College experience.

Vice President Sadler, thank you for your 41 years of service. We wish you all the best in your retirement. You deserve it.

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