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September 17, 2009

7:48 PM

The Flat Hat caught up with two-time All-CAA team selection junior Ginny Bray to talk about who has the team’s sweetest ride and her favorite away venue.

Favorite Building on Campus:

Miller Hall. It’s the bomb. I just started going to the business school, and the first time I went in there I got lost. But yeah, it’s breathtaking.

Sweetest ride on the team:

Definitely my ride. It’s a blue Ford Expedition SUV and it’s called “Big Bertha.” We all pack in and go around town in it.

On being an All-CAA selection last year:

Well, it definitely plays into my psyche a little bit. I always want to be better than I was before. Maybe next year I could be named to the preseason team like Erin [Skipper, junior] did this year.

Favorite pizza in Williamsburg

That’s a tough one. I would have to say Sal’s [by Victor, formerly in the Williamsburg Shopping Center]. I do miss that place.

Favorite away venue:

UNC-W (University of North Carolina-Wilmington) by far. I am from North Carolina, so whenever we play down there, all my family and friends come down for the game. Plus, I always seem to have good games down there.

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