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October 15, 2009

10:43 PM

The Flat Hat caught up with All-CAA senior defensive end Adrian Tracy to discuss his hometown, favorite class at the College and his defensive line mates.

What did you think about appearing on the cover of the media guide this year?

Wow. I remember freshman year we always used to get them at our locker and I thought that would be cool to one day do that because they’ve dedicated four or five years so it’s kind of like their own little tribute.

You’re from Loudon County, Va. What is your home town known for?

I don’t believe we are known for anything. At least nothing I’m aware of.

What’s been your favorite class at William and Mary?

I’m not going to lie, it was my anatomy lab. It was crazy. It was interesting to actually get to see inside the body; the muscles, tissues and ligaments, the heart the liver, the brain, the kidneys. That’s some crazy stuff.

When you line up next to Sean Lissemore, do you ever think, ‘That was a great play. Now I have to get one of my own?’

I don’t think I really have that with Lissemore. I think I have that more with C.J. Herbert [laughs].

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