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October 22, 2009

11:41 PM

The Flat Hat caught up with senior captain Derek Gygax and talked about Halloween, homecoming and moustaches.

Do you have any plans for Halloween?

My roomate, John Scott is tall, and I’m 5’5”, so we were thinking of dressing up as Mario and Luigi, but reverse the roles. I’ll be the tall one for once. The rest of the gym team is going out as the Mighty Ducks, so if Mario and Luigi falls through, that’s my backup plan.

What does being a captain mean to you?

It means a lot to me. Being able to help out and be in a leadership role and to be able to work with [Head Coach] Cliff Gauthier on taking the team where he wants it to go is pretty cool.

What is your favorite thing about homecoming?

I love seeing all the alums come back. Being a senior, there are three years of graduates that I have competed with and its always fun when they return to campus.

What is one thing people dont know about Coach Gauthier?

Nobody knows his age, it’s kind of a joke on the team. He also shaved his moustache for the first time in like 50 years and looks way different this year.

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