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March 11, 2010

2:57 PM

Ben Brown ’11 and Chrissy Scott ’11 will run for Student Assembly President after last night’s deadline to declare candidacy passed.

Brown currently serves as SA Chairman and will be joined by Sen. Betty Jeanne Manning ’12 for Vice President.

Scott serves as SA Deputy Chief of Staff and will run with Kaveh Sadeghian ’12 for VP.

Candidates for class presidencies were also announced. Only one candidate chose to run for the office from each year.

David Alpert will run for the Class of 2013, Sen. Matt Schofield will run for the Class of 2012 and Mike Tsidulko will run for the Class of 2011.

The candidates for other positions were also announced, though many officers had one or zero interested persons. Two members of the Class of 2011 elected to run for senator: Cory Chapman and Caitlin Goldblatt. Each class is allowed four senators. All incumbent senators from the Class of 2011 declined to seek reelection.

Three members of the SA are seeking reelection as senators.

“We didn’t get many declarations in this year,” Brown wrote in an e-mail. “We’ll likely have to delay the election now, which is extremely embarrassing and could have been easily prevented.”

SA President Sarah Rojas ’10 could not be reached for comment.

The full candidates list is below:

*Class of 2013*
Noah Kim
Curt Mills
JT Cobb
Jake Lewitz
Max Rozycki

David Alpert

VP Social Affairs:
Lemondre Watson

VP Advocacy:
Morgan Dyson

Tess Deatley

Ryan McManus
Phillip Basnight

*Class of 2012*
Carlos Quintela
Zach Marcus
Stef Felitto
Adam Stokes

Matt Schofield

VP Social Affairs:
Stephanie McGuire
Christopher Fond

VP Advocacy:



*Class of 2011*
Caitlin Goldblatt
Cory Chapman

Mike Tsidulko

VP Social Affairs:
Wayne Pearson

VP Advocacy:
Katherine Ainsworth

Sahra Roble

Jazmine Piña

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