Concealed weapons charges dropped


    Prosecutors dropped all charges Thursday against Kyle Kappesser, who was found Oct. 5 outside Earl Gregg Swem Library intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon.

    He was charged in October with Class 1 and Class 4 misdemeanors, including carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and public intoxication and swearing. The penalty in Virginia for a Class 1 misdemeanor can amount to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

    On Oct. 5, Officer Greg Garza of the William and Mary Police Department found Kappesser intoxicated near Swem. Garza searched Kappesser and discovered a concealed handgun. Kappesser also indicated that he had a rifle and ammunition in his truck, located in the campus parking garage.

    Kappesser is a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the United States Coast Guard. He is not a student of the College of William and Mary.

    “Kappesser’s Senior Chief, Mark Barrett, stated that Kappesser is on extended leave from the U.S. Coast Guard for some mental, family and disciplinary issues. Barrett also stated he is concerned about Kappesser’s mental state,” Investigator Mark Schafer said in an affidavit.

    Kappesser told police that he was on campus visiting his girlfriend. However, the student Kappesser named as his girlfriend said that she and Kappesser were not in a relationship, just acquaintances. Following the incident, Kappesser was banned from the College grounds.

    Kappesser’s case was heard in the Williamsburg-James City Country General District Court two times prior to the dismissal.

    The hearing was brief, taking under five minutes to complete.


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