College Republicans appear on Glenn Beck show


    Uncertain economic times are eliciting responses in the form of varied perspectives and views that often clash. Whatever their opinions, members of the Tribe are raising their voices.

    While students headed home for fall break, two members of the College Republicans, James Joseph ’14 and Lisa Iverson ’12, attended and participated on Glenn Beck’s radio show at his studio in New York.

    “Glenn Beck is out front in the conservative movement, and we are not going to agree on everything, but we would do it again,” Iverson said. “We were very pleased for the invitation.”

    Prior to break, the College Republicans received an email from the Glenn Beck radio show inviting anyone who was interested to be part of the audience.

    “I know Glenn Beck has had College Republicans on his show before, but I’m not 100 percent sure why the College Republicans were invited on the show,” Iverson said.

    Beck argued that while the Tea Party movement has been accused of being violent, the Occupy Wall Street movement was more likely to cause violence down the line.

    “[Occupy Wall Street protestors] are marching on wealthy people’s homes today. Is that not an intimidation tactic, at least?” Beck’s co-host Pat Gray said on the show. “When did the Tea Party ever march through anyone’s home?”

    The discussion focused on instances when chaotic events spark revolutions, referring directly to some of the tactics of the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

    Beck talked about the nature of revolutions, and opened the topic to audience members. Joseph, treasurer of the College Republicans, gave his input.

    “A strong political leader comes to power and centralizes control,” Joseph responded.

    Joseph also brought up examples of strong political leaders coming out of chaotic times in Germany and Russia.


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