Poll results in for state elections


    The state election yielded Williamsburg’s representatives for the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates and Senate Tuesday.

    Incumbent Sen. John Miller (D-1) claimed the majority vote while incumbent Del. Robin Abbott (D-93) was unseated by her Republican opponent Michael “Mike” Watson.

    After close races, Abbot pushed ahead of Watson early on in the polls, yet was not able to hold onto the lead. Watson finished the race with 51.55 percent of the vote and Abbott with 48.23 percent of the vote. Miller and his Republican opponent, Mickey Chahony, ran an even closer race, with Miller claiming 51.38 percent of the vote and Chahony trailing with 48.41 percent of the vote.

    Williamsburg colored blue with all three precincts voting for the Democratic representatives — Miller received 51.93 percent and Abbot received 56.06 percent of Williamsburg’s vote. Yet Watson grabbed up James City County and York County.

    Approximately one third of Williamsburg’s active voters voted at the polls for both races. Voter participation for active Williamsburg voters for the Senate race was 31.57 percent and 31.46 percent for the Delegate race.

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