The classic dichotomy of senior year

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September 10, 2015

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As I sat in my Science of Nutrition class this morning, an old friend lamented the stressful process of applying for jobs. Reflecting upon his first couple of weeks back at school, he said to me, “I feel like all I do this year is apply for jobs, eat and go to bars.”

In one sentence, my dear friend captured the classic dichotomy of senior year of college. On one hand, there is the panic as we all realize that this is the beginning of the end, and it’s time to make a game plan. On the other, we try to revel in the fun and glory of the last days of the so-called “best years of our life” (which, by the way, I refuse to believe).

However, before I continue with my personal senior year narrative, I would like to make a plea to all of the seniors who are already stressed about jobs. It’s only our second week of school. Take a deep breath. You have a bright future.

It’s only our second week of school. Take a deep breath. You have a bright future.

My “Last Lap” predecessor, Rachel Brown, once wrote about how weird it is to experience “lasts.” I couldn’t appreciate this statement when I read her blog last year, but now I know that she hit the nail on the head. My first three years of college, I didn’t fully appreciate the bountiful traditions that the College of William and Mary has to offer, because I always knew I was going to experience them again. I think we all struggle with appreciating what we have while we have it. But now I sure am appreciating all my “lasts.”

For the last time, I moved all belongings into my home at school, under the crippling humidity that is the swamp of Williamsburg in August. However, this year is different. I am living in an adorable house off-campus with two of my friends.

Our little home, which has been inhabited by college students the past couple of years, is filled with charm and must in equal measure. Yes, it could use a paint job. And sure, the train passes behind our backyard many times, day and night. And I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have more than two people stand on our tiny back porch at one time considering how old the wood is. But hey, it’s our house and we love it!

While that description probably didn’t make you want to visit, I cannot express how wonderful it has been to have our own little home.

For the last time, I saw the freshmen and transfers walk through the Sir Christopher Wren building on Convocation. Facebook did a wonderful job of reminding me with photographic evidence that I too walked through Wren three years ago. I recognized myself in the emotions of the newest additions to the Tribe. Excitement. Nervousness. The inevitable awkwardness that comes as the rest of the school stares at you, cheers and reaches out their hands in an enthusiastic welcome.

They have no idea what they are about to experience. Their personal college narrative remains largely unwritten. While this day is meant to celebrate the new members of our family, it also gives upperclassmen the opportunity to reflect. It means something different to us all. Convocation really is a beautiful tradition.

They have no idea what they are about to experience. Their personal college narrative remains largely unwritten.

But fear not – I am very optimistic that my best days at the College are not behind me. I am also experiencing many “firsts.” Senioritis has not fully hit and I have not abandoned my academics pursuits. I am writing a senior honors thesis. While it might not sound exciting to you, it is a “first.” It will be a new challenge that will hopefully serve to keep me on my A-game throughout this year.

In this blog, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of my senior year. If you’re a senior, I hope that you can find some of it relatable. If you’re an underclassman, I hope that I can impart to you some sort of wisdom. And if you don’t fit into either of those categories, I hope that you stick around for the ride anyways.

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