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December 3, 2015

6:08 PM

Homesick college students often find themselves pining for grandma’s cookies or mom’s homemade bread. A hankering for freshly baked goods can be satisfied by a trip to Blackbird Bakery in Merchant’s Square.

Open daily, Blackbird Bakery has a little something for everyone. It features classic French treats like macarons and croissants. Just a few bites of the rich chocolate mousse or a giant brownie will satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving. There are also shelves full of different types of loaves of bread, and day old is 50 percent off for students of the College. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try the mini tiramisu in a cup or a slice of black bottom peanut butter pie.

The bakery itself is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. The periwinkle blue walls and low lighting give the interior both a polished and homey feel. Baked goods are carefully arranged in glass displays, jars and baskets. A blackbird hangs from a wire basket up above.

The tasty muffins and sweet cinnamon rolls are also the perfect excuse to skip breakfast at the Caf on weekends.

Although there is little room for food to be enjoyed indoors, baked goods or coffee can be bought and enjoyed on the way to class, during a trip to Colonial Williamsburg or as a late-afternoon study snack. The tasty muffins and sweet cinnamon rolls are also the perfect excuse to skip breakfast at the Caf on weekends.

The bakery features some baked goods found in other local restaurants because its owner, David Everett, is also the executive chef for The Trellis, Blue Talon Bistro and The DoG Street Pub. If you don’t have time to sit down for a meal at the Trellis and enjoy a white chocolate truffle, or if you haven’t gotten your hands on one of Blue Talon’s giant oatmeal cookies, you can pick one up at Blackbird Bakery.

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