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    **Eww!…She did it again**
    Just weeks after launching her new image, a slimmer, fabulously single Britney Spears has already begun the inevitable return to her white-trash roots. Five days of intense L.A. clubbing, partying and shopping with Paris Hilton and they’re new BFFs. Taking a lesson from that other talented-beyond-belief singer/actress, Brit has somehow managed to flash paparazzi cameras — sometimes sans panties — no fewer than three times in five days.

    **30 Rock-ed**
    Tracy Morgan was busted early Tuesday for driving under the influence. According to Manhattan police, he was “unable to maintain a position in a lane of traffic.” Morgan told police he had been drinking beer at a club prior to getting in his car and attempting to drive it. Morgan’s latest arrest could be considered a violation of his probation, which he received for another DUI conviction last year. If so, he could face jail time.

    **You Never Divorced a Motherfucker Quite Like Me**
    Apparently Pam Anderson no longer feels like makin’ love —not to Kid Rock anyway. The former Baywatch star filed for divorce from the American Bad Ass citing “irreconcilable differences.” Sources say that major reasons for the break-up include Kid’s “male insecurity and anger issues” and the movie “Borat,” in which Anderson plays the object of Borat’s affection. God only knows why the couple deigned to not sign a prenup — the four month marriage was the third time the couple was married. To each other.

    **Coming Clean**
    Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are so yesterday. Duff woke up and realized the eight year split between the 19 year old pop-star and her 27 year old rocker boyfriend was causing problems and that after nearly two and a half years together, they were just holding on. Ten days after the fact, Madden decided to come clean about the split while at Chicago club. He didn’t seem to let the little things bother him, dancing and partying with various women throughout the night.


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