Student Assembly election winners inaugurated in Wren

    The Student Assembly inaugurated new members Monday night at 6 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Wren building.

    p. Jess Vance, president of Class of ’07 opened, asking the audience to take a moment to reflect on the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Speakers and guests kept the events in mind throughout the ceremony.

    p. “Our generation has been shaped by tragedy. We as student leaders have to lead the way,” Vance said.

    p. Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler spoke next, giving opening remarks, commending old SA members and congratulating the new ones.

    p. College President Gene Nichol gave the main address. He humorously noted the drawn-out election, as candidates had to wait three days for results due to a human computer error.

    p. “You have come through an interesting electoral process — unlike everyone else, I love complicated elections. They are the meat of the democratic process,” Nichol said.

    p. He commended their decisions to participate in the democratic process and addressed the responsibilities that lie ahead in “creating life at the College.” He advocated making decisions for themselves, not making thoughtless choices and not doing what “Joe down the street wants you to do.”

    p. Senior Ryan Scofield, former president of the SA, offered final remarks and described the successes of outgoing SA members.
    Newly-elected President Zach Pilchen and Vice President Valerie Hopkins, both sophomores, spoke last. Pilchen described their complete absorption in the “10-day campaign process and subsequent 3-day waiting process.”

    p. Pilchen described the growth of his fascination with the world of the SA and student politics.

    p. “But let us not let [politics] obscure our real objective — making life the best it can be for students and William and Mary,” he said.


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