This Week in Flat Hat History (April 24)

    Students held a sit-in at the library. Forty students stayed in Swem until 10:30 p.m., which was 30 minutes past the library’s closing time.
    The student’s goal was to increase library hours until 11 p.m. SCARE, also known as the Student Committee for Action, Reaction and Education also planned a second sit in for the next day but it was called off because it was deemed unnecessary by the president of the student association.

    p. **1979**
    Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters played a show at the College. They came to the College as part of a tour that visited 47 different cities. The College decided to schedule the Clapton-Waters concert after losing a possible bid on Bill Joel.

    p. **1989**
    The Wendy and Emery Reves Center for International Studies was dedicated at a ceremony taking place on the Campus Center balcony. The then Virginia governer, Gerald Baliles, attended. Also in attendance were journalist Billy Moyers. Wendy Reves, who donated the money for the center, also came to the ceremony.

    p. **1996**
    College housing first got cable access. Dorms also received high-speed data access by way of an Ethernet system. For the first time, students could use Internet applications such as Netscape, from their rooms.


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