College raises $7.8 million

    The Campaign for William and Mary raised $7.83 million in the fiscal quarter that began Jan. 1 and ended March 31, a drop from the record $26 million raised in the quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2006.

    p. The campaign, the largest in College history, surpassed its $500 million goal in Dec. 2006, but dropped back below the goal when a donor revoked an approximately $12 million pledge.

    p. The donor was angry about College President Gene Nichol’s decision to remove a cross from permanent display in the Wren Chapel.

    p. The Office of University Development initially refused to release numbers for the quarter that ended March 31, but a Freedom of Information Act request yielded the data.

    p. The College, however, would not release the total amount raised by the campaign.

    p. Based on previously-released figures, The Flat Hat estimates that the campaign has raised a total $498.5 million, meaning that if past trends hold, the campaign will meet the $500 million goal by its June 30 end date.

    p. The College also released a list of the largest contributions to the campaign. An unattributed $24,491,064 donation tops the list.
    The revoked pledge would have been the fifth- or sixth-largest donation to the campaign and the seventh- or eighth-largest donation in College history.


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