That Girl: Hayley Loblein

    It’s hard to picture Hayley Loblein as the shy type she claims to have been during high school. She’s confident, entertaining and funny. Some claim that college changes students. It is a time to delve in and realize who you really are. This certainly holds true for Hayley. She has discovered her passions and finally knows what she wants to do with her life … and it’s something she never imagined.

    p. **Why did you want to join 7th Grade sketchy comedy?**

    p. In sixth grade, I anchored a TV broadcast twice for my elementary school. I got a video tape of it and recently reviewed the footage. It was pretty amazing. I wanted to act for a long time when I was little, but acting in high school conflicted with swimming. Even now, I don’t think of myself as a typical theater kid. I like 7th Grade because I can play a wide range of characters and make people laugh. I wasn’t a class clown or anything back in the day, but I was definitely one of the sarcastic kids. It’s funny because I did not even want to go to the 7th Grade audition, but I was dragged.

    p. Two girls on my hall were supposed to go but one backed out and the other convinced me to go. I was so shy in high school, I don’t know how we made call backs. We wore those stupid WM trucker hats. Mine was pink. I still have it. It’s not very 7th Grade acceptable.

    p. **You weren’t involved in theater in high school?**

    p. No. When I was in high school, I didn’t think I would do anything on stage during my college years. I was always shy and reserved. I played tennis, swam and participated in any type of volunteer groups that were offered, mainly with the Red Cross Association. I was in chorus and did a few solos. My first ones were “Jolly, Oh St. Nicholas” and the theme song from “Titanic.” Apparently my parents cried. I think it’s because they wish their daughter was a better singer.

    p. **Who was your favorite character you have played?**

    p. My favorite character would have to be McKenzie Amber Megan who is a TV talk show host similar to Ricki Lake or Maury. The show starts off with a montage of pictures of her (I really mean me). She is obnoxious and just a pain in the ass … only wanting to be a talk show host solely for the limelight. My other favorite character, Ginny, was the one I got to play last year. Ginny is a really annoying college girl who just takes tons of photographs of herself. She thinks she is really cool and doesn’t seem to realize that no one likes her. Both of those characters were extremely narcissistic, which allowed that part of me to shine.

    p. Along the lines of playing other characters, can you tell me about the “America’s Next Top Model” shoot you did last year?
    Wow, is someone stalking me? Most of those pictures have been taken off Facebook, which is unfortunate for someone like yourself who might want to research me. Anyways, I really like the show “America’s Next Top Model.” My friend Katie Dixon enjoys taking photographs, so a group of us went to the Wren Building and Katie took photos of us in various settings trying to reenact the photo shoots from the show. I was one of the only ones actually willing to be in the photos and would try to express “smiling with my eyes” or “looking fierce.” I know I could never actually be on the show, but it’s a dream of mine. I just want to meet Tyra. My favorite photograph is one in which there are tears gliding down my face. That was a great moment … I’m totally going to do that again.

    p. **Other than “America’s Next Top Model,” what do you think you might want to do after school?**

    p. I am way too lazy to take the GREs … or the MCATs so my plan is to take a year off and audition for things in New York, especially soap operas. It will be perfect because I can be really dramatic. I also have a really good scream so I could audition for scary things. For example, at the 7th Grade table at the activities fair, freshmen would stick their hands into a box on our table. They would have to feel around and guess what it was. A lot of the kids were pretty nervous. When they looked scared, I would scream and they would jump back. They got pretty creeped out. There was this one boy who was incredibly apprehensive so I thought I would milk the situation. After I screamed, he backed up and proceeded to floor it away from us. He walked away without even a glance back. Poor kid. If you’re out there, I am truly sorry.

    p. **What advice would you give underclassmen?**

    p. I think everyone should add the LOL Cats Facebook application to their page. If you look on my profile, I put it right at the top. It shows a cat and a caption. Currently, I have a tiny Japanese cat next to a soda can and it has terrible sayings next to it … I have a couple other applications but they aren’t as good. I have the horoscope one but it’s annoying because it doesn’t change every day. I’ll read them even though I don’t believe in what they say. They’re great. I’m a Cancer by the way. I also have a Magic 8-Ball, but I never use that. Oh, at home I have an actual Magic 8-Ball that’s pink and the cube is glittery so you can never actually read what it says. I would have used it in high school but it never really helped.

    p. **Tell me about the parts of campus like.**

    p. I really thought if we sat on the Terrace for this interview I would have a good story to tell. I was semi-hoping a squirrel would fall out of a tree and onto my head. That would have made this the best article ever. Unfortunately, I had no such luck.
    I probably spend the least time in Swem. I never go there. I’ll probably go two times a year and those are my two most productive days. I think it’s because I can’t go on Facebook or anything, because then I’ll be looking at someone’s profile and be like “oh wait you’re right behind me. Whoops.”

    p. **Tell me about some of your summer experiences.**

    p. I used to be a pool lifeguard so I would read a lot. And no, not when I was a duty. I was really good. One afternoon there weren’t many people at the pool, so I studied my flashcards of bartending drinks while on duty. I’m a master of mixology. I don’t apply it that often (even though I’m 21), but it is cool to know how to count out and make tasty drinks. My favorite is Sex on the Beach. For those of age, they should try it. The drink, that is.

    p. **Describe your perfect date.**

    p. Perfect date starts with sex on the beach of course … you can tell people I’m single and they should send me flowers. Or ask them to throw me a surprise party. I’ve always wanted one of those and never got one when I was little. I will be a soap opera start so they might want to work on that now.

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