7 inaccuracies in College tour

    __Flat Hat reporter follows College tour, finds seven statements are untrue__

    p. For most high schoolers, a student-led campus tour is their quintessential first impression of the College. Last week, The Flat Hat audited a tour to see if prospective students are given nothing but the truth. Not surprisingly, the College is painted in a positive light.

    p. Discussion of the Wren cross controversy, budget deficits and falling national rankings were omitted in favor of tour guides’ personal stories about the “awesome” campus life here at the College. The table below shows some of the facts presented and explains why they are true or false.

    p. Not every statement on the tour was recorded, only facts that required outside research. Facts such as “the College has about 5,500 undergraduates” were stated while on the tour, but because they are common knowledge, they did not merit inclusion in this chart.


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