Supreme Court Preview to be shown on C-Span

    The Supreme Court Preview, which took place at the College last month, was featured on C-Span Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. C-Span, a television channel that often records and televises live sessions of Congress and other governmental institutions, tapes Supreme Court Previews because of their importance in analyzing past Supreme Court decisions.

    p. The 20th-annual Supreme Court Preview was attended by many important judicial figures such as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Pan Karlan of the Stanford University Law School and federal appeals court Judge Michael McConnell.

    p. The main event that was taped by C-Span was a Moot Court session argued by Karlan and McConnell that investigated the constitutionality of the Military Commissions Act and how it affected the ability of Guantanamo detainees to seek habeas relief.

    p. The Supreme Court Preview was aired by C-Span as part of the “American and the Courts” series.


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