Freshman succumbs to injuries from November accident

    p. According to an email from College President Gene Nichol, freshman Ben Gutenberg, who had sustained injuries from a car accident while on a College fencing trip Nov. 10, died in Richmond Tuesday.

    p. The team’s coach, Peter Conomikes, also died in the accident after the car he was driving on Interstate 95 crashed near Richmond.

    p. Printed below is Nichol’s email:

    p. Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

    p. Earlier this afternoon, freshman Ben Gutenberg, injured in the automobile accident that struck our fencing team two weeks ago, passed away in Richmond. It is literally impossible to describe how heartbreaking the news is for Ben’s parents, for his teammates, for those who treasured his friendship on the campus and beyond. Their grief, and ours, is past bearing.

    p. While we continue to reach out to those close to Ben, all of us should remember that the Counseling Center staff stands ready to help. Additionally, the Wren Chapel will be available throughout the day tomorrow for personal reflection. We are working with Ben’s family on a memorial service to be held later this week. Vice President Sadler or I will be in touch again soon.

    p. As our fencers have taught in recent days, the College, at its core, embodies a defining commitment to one another. We’ll call on that powerfully in the days and weeks ahead.

    p. Gene Nichol


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