Cheers and Jeers

On this campus, the sounds of ringing bells and wanton intemperance can only mean one, bittersweet thing: Blowout. Here at The Flat Hat, we mark the day with a year’s worth of cheers and jeers.

Cheers to the College of William and Mary for being a site for the free exchange of ideas. Jeers to those who rehash the same tired debates over First Amendment protections and Student Assembly Funding rules every time there’s a controversial show, exhibition or speaker.

Cheers to the College for improving its sustainability grade from a D- to a C. Jeers for having a C.

Cheers to the College for building more dorms. Jeers to Williamsburgers who aren’t satisfied with the state’s highest on-campus residency rate, excepting military institutions.

Cheers to “The Today Show” for putting Williamsburg in the spotlight during election season. Jeers to Luke Russert for forgetting the nation’s alma mater while standing a stone’s throw away. Jeers to him for only apologizing to Virginia Tech and James Madison University.

Cheers to the College for reviewing its alcohol policy with an eye towards moving parties back to campus. Jeers for forcing them off in the first place. After all, college should be fun.

Cheers to the City of Williamsburg for opening the door to three-person rule changes. Jeers to Zoning Administrator Rhodney Rhodes for still recommending spying on students. More jeers for his hating on our homeless fraternities.

Cheers to College chief of staff Michael J. Fox and Nick Fitzgerald ’09 for working to improve the off-campus housing situation. Jeers to Bill Dell for being an intolerable stick in the mud.

Cheers to Michael J. Fox for being named Michael J. Fox.

Cheers to the anonymous freshman who toughed out a mid-afternoon thigh stabbing. Jeers to the weirdo who attacked him. Seriously?

Cheers to Professor Emily Pease for finally offering a journalism class.

Cheers to Aramark for trying to bring new food options to campus. Jeers for Aramark scaring Panda Express away.

Cheers to Virginia’s General Assembly for killing the ill conceived legislation tampering with the College’s ratio of in-state and out-of-state students. Jeers to Del. David B. Albo (R-Fairfax) and Del. Tim Hugo ’86 (R-Fairfax) for that bill’s ill conception.

Cheers to the Student Exchange for its convenience. Jeers for its prices.

Cheers to Facebook and Google Chat for making life easier. Jeers to Twitter and Juicy Campus.

Cheers to voter registration efforts. Jeers to voter turnout in local elections.

Cheers to Zach Pilchen ’09 last year. Jeers for this year.

Cheers to the Democratic gubernatorial candidates for stopping by to have a debate. Jeers for not meaningfully discussing higher education while here.

Cheers to Robert Gates ’65 and Christina Romer ’81 for joining the president’s administration. Jeers for bailing out Chrysler. Good call.

Cheers to the Board of Visitors for its planned improvements to Tucker Hall and the arts facilities. Jeers to continuing to hold classes in sinking buildings.

Cheers to snow days. Jeers to those holidays that don’t get us out of class. And to rain.

Cheers to the Class of 2009. Jeers for its class gift stinginess.

Cheers to the College’s perseverance despite the trials of the last year. Jeers to the economy.


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