BOV Committee on Development discusses alumni donations

The Board of Visitors’ Committee on Development met to discuss fundraising and sustained giving at The College of William and Mary Nov. 29.

The chief topic of discussion was how to maintain alumni donations to the College, beginning with the recently graduated and continuing through their lives.

“Of course, philanthropy is one way we hope we can benefit from having life-long relationships. … The Reunions program is one way in which we do that,” Interim Vice President for Development Earl Granger said.

Granger stated that this past Homecoming was a fundraising success. Alumni celebrating their 20th reunion raised $21.9 million for the College, besting their predecessors.

Much of the presentation to the Committee focused on how to engage current students and recent alumni in fundraising efforts.

A four-step plan was presented, in which students are involved throughout their undergraduate careers and their first few years out of college, culminating in alumni contributing to the 5th Year Reunion Gift.

Board of Visitors member Judge John Thomas expressed some concern over the 5th Year Reunion Gift Committee’s low participation goals.

“I don’t understand why participation goals aren’t 100 percent,” Thomas said.

College President Taylor Revely responded.

“We’re dealing with human beings and original sin,” Reveley said.

Members of the committee suggested that the reason for low participation in the 5th Year Reunion gift is that the College does not have adequate technology for tracking the locations of alumni.

“If there is some system that can be bought for a reasonable amount of money, that we don’t possess, we need to look into it very closely,” Reveley said.


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