A gentleman and a scholar: Lord Botetourt

The College of William and Mary’s Lord Botetourt statue can be found intently watching Confusion Corner outside of the Sir Christopher Wren Building. Although Lord Botetourt appears as still as a statue, his Twitter account makes it clear that his spirit still lingers despite his bodily decease on Oct. 15, 1770.

Lord Botetourt’s Twitter account describes him as a “Statuesque, ‘greatly loved,’ former Governor’s Palace resident, and occasionally annoyed by squirrels.” He currently has about 700 followers despite the fact that he is hesitant about Twitter.

“I confess that I don’t understand Twitter,” Lord Botetourt said in an email. “It was represented to me that I could communicate more efficiently with members of the College community through Twitter than by issuing occasional proclamations written by my amanuensis. My current amanuensis reminded me that my last proclamation was issued to mark the reopening of the College following the War of Northern Aggression.”

Usually, his tweets pertain to maintaining the College’s traditions and history, although he has recently tweeted about the government shutdown and Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

Hasten to follow Lord Botetourt on Twitter, lest ye be a frivolous Whig!


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