U.S. House candidates unite on military priorities

The platforms of the candidates for the second district of the United States House of Representatives differ along typical party platforms. Shaun Brown, a Democrat, supports free community college and green energy generation. Scott Taylor, a Republican, promises to help repeal Obamacare and remove the national government from education standards. They do find common ground in their mutual support for military veterans, while Taylor is a former soldier.


Brown has identified affordable higher education as a priority issue. She said she supports making community college free, as well as finding paths that lead to lowering, if not eliminating, the tuition costs of public colleges and universities.

Taylor, who did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Flat Hat, states on his campaign website that he has a focus on shifting education to local and state governments. He said he has a personal distaste for what he perceives to be the government’s large foot-print in the education domain.


Brown said that she supports the idea of the Affordable Care Act, but would support an even more comprehensive single-payer plan, further expanding the government’s role in healthcare delivery.

Taylor’s website states that he believes the U.S. Congress should repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a better system. He specifically said that the government has become too involved in the market. He expressed support for helping people with pre-existing conditions buy insurance and allowing citizens to buy insurance across state lines.


Brown said she would like to support the military by not cutting jobs by lowering military funding. She said she believes that the military is the forefront of green energy production. She also thinks that small businesses should be ready to support returning veterans to ease re-integration into society.

Taylor’s website states that he is dedicated to affordable benefits for military families and securing the United States’ national defense. He said that that he will bring a military perspective to Congress, giving a new look at congressional issues.


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