SA confirms executive positions


At the College of William and Mary’s Student Assembly meeting Oct. 20, senators confirmed the SA’s Secretary of Outreach and Chief Counsel positions, and also brainstormed bill ideas in lieu of debating new business.

Christine Rosa ’21 was confirmed to serve as the Chief Counsel. In her new position position, Rosa will act as a liaison between the student body and SA’s Review Board, helping students understand the process for bringing cases before the Board. Rosa, a non-traditional student who has served in the Navy and worked for the National Security Agency, said that she wanted to serve as Chief Counsel because she wanted to become more involved on campus. She felt that her prior work experience would help her while navigating through bureaucratic procedures. 

Mikayla Fulcher ’23 was also nominated to the position of Secretary of Outreach as the former secretary had to step down.  Fulcher stated that she wanted to update the website and improve SA’s transparency. She also expressed a willingness to increase outreach to the graduate schools, international students and faculty. 

Earlier in the meeting, Fulcher and Abby Varricchio ’23 delivered a presentation on the recently restructured Outreach Department. They detailed the new processes for posting social media campaign posts and creating graphics.


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