“L&O: SVU”: Sex, not war — crimes, that is

Dear NBC,

Look, we all agree: child soldiers in Africa are a horrible problem. And there’s a lot that we in America can and should do to help. But is it really the domain of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”?

Stabler and Benson investigate _sex crimes_. Not _war crimes_. Sure, you got a couple of cool shots of Alex Cabot walking around the United Nations (the first television show to film there, by the way). If you really need to focus on war crimes, wouldn’t, say, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” — which focuses on the Major Cases Squad — be a better forum?

Also, that’s three of Cabot’s six episodes back. And she only mattered in one of them. Stephanie March is awesome and, since it has been confirmed that Michaela McManus is not returning next season as ADA Kim Greylek, you’re in the market for a new ADA. Maybe you should actually use your talent.

However, props on using a Delaware actress as the victim in this episode. 302 represent!

– Alex

P.S. If the police tried to arrest someone on the third floor of Swem Library everyone would shush them. Apparantly students are more forgiving at Hudson University.


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