Meet Our Staff 2024


Editor-in-Chief: Anna Arnsberger

Anna (she/her) is a history and government major from Washington D.C. She hopes to further The Flat Hat’s role on campus as a voice for the community by both bringing attention to impactful issues and uplifting diverse voices. Anna is also a goalie for the club field hockey team and a member of criminal justice and immigration-related organizations. In the moments she finds free time, she enjoys cooking and baking. 

Executive Editor: Agavni Mehrabi

Agavni (she/her) is a government and finance double major, a resident of the Casa Hispanica language house, and a member of Radio, Archery Club, and The Gallery magazine. She’s from Buffalo, New York, and loves classy coffee cups from Swem’s Botetourt Gallery. She hopes to modernize and diversify what’s written in the paper while also boosting collaborations with non-print sections. 


Managing Editor: Ethan Qin

Ethan (he/him) is a likely finance major hailing from Vienna, Virginia. He hopes to pursue a career in the sports industry. He also serves as a Griffin Ambassador and a member of Kesem. You can find him playing basketball at the Rec or begging for extra steak at the Richmond Road Chipotle. 

Operations Coordinators:

Sarah Devendorf

Sarah (she/her) is a junior from Alexandria, Virginia. She is a double major in government and history, while also being involved with CHAP, being the chair of Media Council, conducting research, and singing in the William and Mary Choir. She hopes to create an engaging intern program, giving new members all the tools they need to be successful. 

Emma Henry

Emma (she/her) is a history and environmental humanities major from Wallingford, Pennsylvania. She’s a junior who works as a Dining Sustainability Intern and Communications Assistant for the Roy R. Charles Center. You can find her walking around College Woods or sipping on coffee from Aromas. She’s hoping to inspire the next generation of Flat Hat journalists and share her love of storytelling. 

Digital Media Editor: Ryan Goodman

Ryan (he/him) is a junior from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has two cats at home, and hopes to pursue photography as a career once out of school. He’s hoping to create a more consistent output for all digital media sections of the paper. 


News Editor: Charlotte Castle 

Charlotte (she/her) hails from Alexandria, Virginia, and is hoping to create a more inclusive space within the paper, highlight the hard work of her writers to the best of her ability and continue to inform the William and Mary community. She’s a volunteer with Griffin School Partnerships, a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and loves to read. 

News Editor: Mona Garimella

Mona (she/her) is from Richmond, Virginia, and is hoping to increase the paper’s accessibility by providing relevant stories to the student body. She’s a psychology major, and a member of the International Relations Club. She enjoys visiting boutiques in Colonial Williamsburg, reading literary fiction, and listening to podcasts. Feel free to send her any podcast recommendations! 

News Editor: Peerawut Ruangsawasdi

Peerawut (he/him) is a government Major from Alexandria, Virginia, who loves Thai food and is trying to learn the violin and alto saxophone. He hopes to help The Flat Hat realize its mission of delivering essential news that campus needs. 

Chief Staff Writer:

Clare Gifford

Associate News Editors:

Sam Belmar

Isen Lee

Isen (he/him) is a freshman who participates in Club Soccer and Alpha Phi Omega. He enjoys playing basketball, running, snowboarding, and participating in Premier Soccer League. He’s a big fan of Chris Stapleton and Post Malone and belongs to four different nationalities. He’s looking forward to working with members of staff to cover important events happening on campus.

Betsy Mahoney

Molly Martin

Akash Nayak

Shannon Raymond

Shannon (she/her) is a freshman from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who hopes to major in government and ENSP. Outside the paper, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and reading. She’s hoping to engage in political coverage and break into investigative pieces.

Lila Reidy

Lila (she/her) comes from Alexandra, Virginia. She’s an English major, loves the outdoors, and has a miniature wiener dog named Fifi. She’s hoping to learn from her peers on staff to make an impact on her community. 


Opinions Editor: Mollie Shiflett

Mollie (she/her) is a history major from Alexandria, Virginia, who loves soccer and baking. She enjoys playing soccer, spending time with her friends and basically anything else other than her 40 pages of assigned reading. On staff, she hopes to continue writing well while also having fun. 

Opinions Editor: Avi Joshi 

Chief Opinions Writer:

John Powers

John Powers is a public policy major hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Besides serving as Chief Opinions Writer, he sits on the executive board of the Undergraduate Moot Court Society, works as a Resident Assistant, and is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. John is a huge Adele fan.

Associate Opinions Editors:

Lana Altunashvili

Lana (she/her) is a likely business major from Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state). She loves reading, writing, tennis and traveling. She hopes to connect with the wider student body and leave her fair share of opinions in the paper. 

Elizabeth Brady

Tessa Catalano

Adam Jutt

Damien Kanner Bitetti

Sheoli Lele

Isabella McNutt

Isabella (she/her) is a freshman from Budapest, Hungary, who intends to major in both international relations and history before going onto the pre-law track. She loves playing basketball, reading in any genre and going on little coffee dates in Colonial Williamsburg. She’s hoping to both write a large variety of opinions pieces while also building new friendships within the paper. 



Variety Editor: Miles Mortimer

Miles (he/him) is a junior from Bergen County, New Jersey, who hopes to obtain a degree in Finance. Outside of Flat Hat, he participates both in Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Finance Academy, while also serving as an Orientation Aide. Within Flat Hat, he hopes to give people a new perspective of William and Mary through his event coverage and profiles. 

Variety Editor: Megan Rudacille

Megan (she/her) is an intended government and sociology major who is also involved with student theater. She’s from Chantilly, Virginia, and can be found sipping chai and studying in Column 15, jogging through Colonial Williamsburg, and making new Spotify playlists. She’s hoping to cover more stories that represent diverse groups across campus. 

Chief Features Writer:

Catalina Campos

Associate Variety Editors:

Emma Halman

Emma (she/her) is an English major from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She loves spending time with friends, walking outside, and getting coffee. She’s excited to bring more attention to well deserving student organizations. 

Skylar Hartgerink

Skylar (she/her) is a freshman from Suffolk, Virginia. She’s double majoring in history and environmental science. She’s excited to cover underrepresented groups on campus, while also meeting new cool and talented people. Outside the paper, she loves hiking, reading and grabbing coffee with friends. She’s a member of Phi Mu and a volunteer with the Williamsburg Community Growers.

Aggie Rigo Saitta 

Hannah Sawyer

Lorenzo Short

Lorenzo (he/him) is a freshman, prospective computer/data science major, and calls Williamsburg, Virginia home at all times of the year. He’s the vice president of his community council and casually participates in Team Blitz. He enjoys running, hiking, watching F1, and listening to classical music. He’s excited to give a voice to the many fascinating people and places of William and Mary. 

Jane Valadakis

Jane (she/her) is from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and is hoping to help cover inspiring and interesting stories that are important to the William and Mary community. 

Christina Wu

Christina (she/her) is a government Major from Falls Church, Virginia. She’s interested in sociology and music, playing the cello, and participating on the Mock Trial Team. She’s hoping to explore the wide variety of events and clubs that the school offers to spread the word about them through the paper. 



Sports Editor: Maddie Mohamadi

Maddie (she/her) is from Chevy Chase, Maryland, where she worked on her high school newspaper for four years. She’s excited to continue writing with The Flat Hat, where she hopes to create podcasts and game recaps with the paper’s multimedia team, while also writing more long-term profile pieces about alumni, coaches, and athletes. Beyond Flat Hat, she’s involved with Griffin School Partnerships, the Economics Club, and Chi Omega. 

Sports Editor: Max Grill

Chief Sports Writer:

Elliot Lee



Video Editor: Taiga Lewis

Taiga (he/him) hails from Tokyo, Japan. He makes videos and is excited to make more videos. 

Associate Videos Editors:

Solyana Feseha

Luke Herndon

Jack Long

Alexandra Nakamitsu

Alexandra (she/her) is a sophomore from Fort Lee, New Jersey, and speaks three languages. She’s a member of the Japanese American Student Association, majors in philosophy, and enjoys embroidering and playing video games in her free time. She’s excited to keep making videos with the paper. 

Aveek Sur

Social Media

Social Media Editor: Karis Koutsourelakis

Karis (she/her) is from Munich, Germany. 

Associate Social Media Editors:

Camila Anderson

Audrey Gunnlaugsson

Audrey (she/her) is from Jacksonville, Florida. 


Podcast Editor: Laura Holt


Data Editor: Lisa Coleman

Lisa (she/her) is a junior majoring in economics and data science from San Diego, California. She works as a barista at Column 15, and enjoys spending time on the Matoaka Trails around campus (when she isn’t intensely squinting at Excel sheets from 6 inches away). She’s hoping to continue growing the Data section by finding new ways to incorporate data into different kinds of stories. 

Data Editor: Abhayprad Jha

Abhayprad (he/him) is a computer science and economics major, and is a sophomore from New Delhi. He’s also involved with SASA and Radio, and wants to see the Data section work with other sections while also continuing to put out articles on a more consistent basis. 

Associate Data Editors:

Cora Snyder

Yana Gleiman

Yana (she/her) is a sophomore from Manassas, Virginia. She’s studying both data and accounting, while also working part-time as a barista on campus. She’s hoping to better utilize data to provide a foundation of credibility for stories in the paper. 



Graphics Editor: Arianna Stewart

Arianna (she/her) is from Richmond, Virginia, and is majoring in creative writing and production while minoring in innovation and entrepreneurship. She produces both Fuzzy and Bits and Pieces for the paper, and hopes to collaborate with more writers. She’s a huge foodie and loves the color red. 

Graphics Editor: Catherine Storke

Catherine (she/her) is an English major and philosophy minor from King George, Virginia. She’s a big fan of ice hockey, an even bigger fan of caffeine, and is hoping to enhance the paper’s stories with original student artwork. 


Copy Chief: Crystal Wang

Crystal (she/they) is an english and history major from Charlottesville, Virginia. Besides Flat Hat, she’s a member of the Gallery and James Blair Historical Review. She loves shooting arrows in the woods. 

Copy Editors:

Chloe Cohen

Chloe (she/her) is from New York. 

Sawyer Cohen

Annabelle Glassman

Annabelle (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in government and gender, sexuality and women’s studies from Richmond, Virginia. Outside of Flat Hat, she is a member of Gamma Phi Beta, International Relations Club, and a Griffin Ambassador. Annabelle enjoys reading and walking around Colonial Williamsburg in her free time. 

Veda Kalidindi

Caris Kyte

Caris (she/her) is a left-handed musician from Richmond, Virginia. Like Paul McCartney, she can only play the guitar left-handed. She’s hoping to grow as a copy editor while making new friendships along the way. 

Fact Checkers:

Maddie Cassidy

Maddie (she/her) is a government major and sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. She’s involved with Gamma Phi Beta, the costume shop for theater productions, and Irish Dance Club. She is also a tour guide and orientation aide. In her free time, you can find her swimming or watching the West Wing. 

Alisha Khodabocus

Alisha (she/her) is a sophomore and data science major from Henrico, Virginia. In addition to being a fact checker, she is associate webmaster and updates the Flat Hat website. Outside of Flat Hat, she fiddles with lasers in her chemistry research lab and volunteers with Williamsburg Community Growers. 


Photos Editor: Juliana Gomien

Juliana (she/her) is an economics major and mathematics minor who plans to graduate early in 2025. Beyond Flat Hat, she is the PR and Social Media Chair for Hillel, the President of Challah for Hunger, and a member of APO. She’s hoping to share her photos with the world while also writing some articles. She likes jazz, the Chicago Blackhawks, obscure trivia, and still plays Pokemon Go in 2024. 

Associate Photo Editors:

Anna McClellan

Sedra Olabi

Sedra (she/her) is a junior from Falls Church, Virginia, and originally from Syria. She’s majoring in neuroscience and minoring in public health. She loves taking photos as a hobby, her cats, and art. She’s hoping to increase her skills with photography while spending more time with her teammates. 

Cynthia Wu


Business Manager: Conor Downey


Office of the Ombudsman

Standards and Practices Editor: Anna Saal

Anna (she/her) is a freshman from Barrington, Rhode Island. She’s thinking about majoring in either Latin American Studies or religious studies. She hopes to keep The Flat Hat as transparent and accessible to the public as possible. She’s also a member of the fencing team. 

Associate Standards and Practices Editor:

Adia Elcock

Adia (she/her) is from Annandale, Virginia, and loves visiting museums. She’s hoping to learn more about the business side of journalism. 


Webmaster: Matthew Berthoud

Associate Webmaster: Alisha Khodabocus