How has Meal Swipe Elimination changed Market Place?

Marketplace is the least-known dining hall on campus. It boasts a wide range of high-quality foods that used to be available with meal swipes. However, with the switch of food service providers, Marketplace has undergone drastic changes. The most noticeable change being the elimination of the meal swipe as a payment option. The Flat Hat video team had the privilege of interviewing Marketplace workers and an Aramark employee to hear their perspectives on how Marketplace has changed for better or for worse.


  1. Luke, I am not sure what Aramark told you the staff could reveal but Marketplace used to serve over 2500 meals per day. Gloria’s 1000 students was just lunch when she works. same with Daphane. MP used to be open 7am-9pm Monday thru Thursday, 8am-2pm Friday and 430pm-8pm on Sunday. The school told Aramark to cut MP just like they told Sodexo when the contract began, Sodexo changed it and now you are stuck till the new dining hall is finished and then MP will be rebuilt and made into retail restaurants.


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