News in Brief: September 1

    *College to test emergency warning system*

    The College of William and Mary emergency warning and mass notification system will be tested Wednesday, Sept. 2. The mass notification system alerts individuals by making calls to land lines and cell phones and through text messaging and e-mail. The system is designed to reach every individual though at least one medium of communication.

    The College’s emergency notification systems are tested at the beginning of each semester to ensure that each member of the community is familiar with them.

    *Faculty art featured at the Muscarelle*

    The 11th Faculty Art Show will be presented by the Muscarelle Museum of Art from Sept. 5 to Oct. 25.

    The art show, a collaboration between the art and art history departments and the Muscarelle, features works on paper and canvasses, as well as sculptures. Since 1985, the Muscarelle has invited studio art faculty members to exhibit works every two to five years. The last show was held in 2007.

    *W&M reduces carbon emissions by 16 percent*

    The College has reduced its carbon emissions by 16 percent per square foot of building space since 2002, according to the College’s first greenhouse gas inventory.

    The inventory, compiled by Environmental Science and Policy Program Director and biology professor John Swaddle and Lauren Edmonds ’11, released details regarding possible ways for the college to improve. Improved efficiency in the on-campus power plant contributed most to the reduction, according to the study.

    “The greatest improvements that have been achieved in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the investments for utility infrastructure,” Campus Energy Manager Dan Patterson said. “The reduction averages to a 2.5 percent decrease in carbon emissions per member of the College community.”


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