The Pulse: 4 Sept. 2009

Campus and the surrounding area lost power for about five seconds shortly after noon Thursday. No word on the cause of the blip.

Speaking of outages, Gmail crashed for about an hour Tuesday afternoon, leaving students no choice but to study, socialize or — as many did — complain on Facebook. One senior posted a sobering theory on the outage: Jim Dunleavey ’10 “thinks that Gmail being down is an experiment by Google to see how much … control they already have over the world. Sort of a mid-experiment count, if you will.”

Don’t take it personally. The ISC sent sorority recruitment chairs an e-mail instructing sisters to refrain from shaking hands during rush — an effort to combat H1N1 and other flu.

Beer aficionados, take note: The Green Leafe Café has Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale back on tap. It’s known for its strong hop and malt flavors while remaining smooth.

The world’s oldest dog, a female dachshund named Chanel, died Friday on Long Island. She was 21 years old — 113 in dog years. Chanel was first adopted in Newport News by Denice Shaughnessy, who was serving in the Army at the time.

Andrew Giermak, writing in the Suffolk News-Herald, argued that Chanel’s Guinness world record is more legit than the College’s. “Sorry William and Mary — the world’s largest coordinated ‘Thriller’ dance doesn’t qualify as any type of accomplishment,” he said. Ouch.


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