The Pulse: 2 March 2010

In light of the fact that the College is looking at new mascot options and students at Ole Miss voted last week whether or not they should even have a mascot, The Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog, Tweed, asked its readers to suggest team nicknames that flow logically from the name of the college they represent. The list included winners like the King’s Kongs of King’s College, the McGill Icuddies, the Lehigh Fives, The Brown Nosers and The University at Buffalo Wings.

The best these readers could come up with for the College was the William and Mary Queen of Scots.

The College of William and Mary has the highest percentage of GoodCrush users in the nation. Nearly 50 percent of the student population has used the site.

President Taylor Reveley will discuss his career and public service and provide advice on how to best prepare for a life in the legal profession tomorrow at 1 p.m. as a guest of the Business Law Society. The event is located in Room 124 of the Law School and is free. Pizza will be provided at the event just in case Reveley’s succulent speech doesn’t get you salivating.

Pile the kids into the SUV and let’s hit the road! Williamsburg took second place in the Best Destination for a Family Vacation category in Budget Travel Magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards. The top spot went to Disney World with 1,343 votes; the colonial capital received 801 votes. Our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., lagged behind CW with 362 votes.

A consortium led by College geology professor Heather Macdonald ’02 received the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for its website, “On the Cutting Edge,” which compiles professional-development resources for geosciences faculty. The website is directed toward new faculty in the geosciences and hosts information and ideas on subjects ranging from finding the first job to setting up a research program to getting tenure.

The head of Eastern State Hospital, John Favret, was removed from his position last week, though a spokeswoman for the state department that oversees the hospital would not elaborate on the reason behind the decision. In March 2009, a jury ruled in favor of two of the hospital’s former psychologists, Douglas M. Gross and Sarah W. Bisconer, awarding each $1 million in a defamation suit against Favret, then the hospital’s director, and Deborah Mazzarella, the hospital’s director of psychology.


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