College picks design firm for greek housing

    A new Greek housing complex moved one step closer to reality as the College of William and Mary picked an architectural firm to head the project.

    Although College administrators cannot announce which of the six architectural firms has been chosen until contracts have been finalized, Vice President for Administration Anna Martin said that she expects work on a feasibility study to begin almost immediately.

    “[The study] will start as soon as we can start scheduling meetings,” she said. “We expect this to move at a very fast pace.”

    The feasibility study will examine different aspects of the proposed complex, including size, amenities, location and cost.

    “Generally, what feasibility studies look into is, ‘What do these buildings need to do?’” Martin said.
    Associate Director of Student Activities Anne Arseneau ’89 said that the main goal of the study would be to gather information.

    “During that whole site-and-feasibility-study phase, the firm’s responsibility is to gain input from constituents,” she said.

    The study should take several months to complete.

    “We’re going to get an interim [report] by December, and finalize [the study] by late February and early March,” Martin said.

    The College also plans to assemble a building committee to operate concurrently with the feasibility study. The committee would provide additional information to the study and further consider the complex proposal.

    “We would be seeking feedback from the community on how best to proceed,” Arseneau said.

    While student input will likely be collected during the site-and-feasibility phase, Arseneau said that, depending on the potential site of a new housing complex, city residents could also be asked for feedback.
    Martin said that she would direct the committee, which would include College staff from the Office of Student Affairs and Facilities Management, along with students.

    Martin, Arseneau, Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler ’88 Ph.D. ’06, Assistant Vice President for Student Activities Mark Constantine and Director of Residence Life Deb Boykin served on the committee that interviewed the architectural firms, and would likely serve on the building committee.

    “Long term, it is hoped that people who were engaged early on will continue to be involved after the site and feasibility study,” Arseneau said.


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