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Safe Campus Act proposed by House Republicans addresses sexual assault
September 01, 2015 - Article by:

In the midst of a national debate on how college campuses handle rape allegations, House Republicans have proposed new


Where in the world was William and Mary this summer?
September 01, 2015 - Article by:

Over 350 College of William and Mary students studied abroad for part of their summer break this year, and


Feature: Fall ’15 Previews
September 01, 2015 - Article by:

With the new semester upon us, a new season of fall sports begins at William and Mary. Along with the schedule of home and away games come renewed hopes for championships


A change for safety
September 01, 2015 - Article by:

In this sense, college administrations are being pushed towards a more supportive role, rather than an investigative or punitive one that they are often unequipped to fulfill.


A Scottish orientation
September 01, 2015 - Article by:

During my summer internship at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, the other interns and reporters often joked about my tendency towards picky eating.