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For the Bold to light up Washington D.C. April 27
April 21, 2017 - Article by:

In a campus-wide email sent April 21, College of William and Mary President Taylor Reveley announced that as part


A noteworthy accomplishment at the College
April 17, 2017 - Article by:

Random acts of kindness and love surprise us throughout our college experience, such as a compliment from a stranger,


Baseball: Tribe’s road record drops to 3-12
April 17, 2017 - Article by:

William and Mary had two mid-week games Tuesday and Wednesday in Norfolk against Old Dominion and Norfolk State, respectively. The College’s struggles on the road continued, with its record dropping to


A dignified ending to Reveley’s time in office
April 17, 2017 - Article by:

I’ve heard a lot of different reactions to President Taylor Reveley’s decision to retire next June: happiness, confusion, surprise, sorrow. I was as shocked as anybody by his sudden announcement, but


What Ever Happened to Baby Swing State Virginia?
November 08, 2016 - Article by:

During the 2004 presidential election, a grand total of zero dollars were spent in Virginia by both George Bush and John Kerry. Bush comfortably won Virginia in 2000 and 2004 by

Fall in Oslo

Fall in Oslo

October 31, 2016
No Kangaroos in Austria

No Kangaroos in Austria

October 12, 2016


Super Tuesday in Williamsburg
March 20, 2016 - Article by:

On Tuesday March 1, 2016 William and Mary students turned out to vote at their respective polling locations to vote in Virginia’s primary elections. Hear what motivated them to hit the