About The Flat Hat

The Flat Hat has been the College of William and Mary’s student newspaper since 1911. It covers the College and the surrounding area of Williamsburg, Va., printing on Tuesdays of the academic year. The Flat Hat office is located in the Campus Center basement at the intersection of South Boundary Street and Jamestown Road.

The Flat Hat derives its name and motto (“Stabilitas et Fides”) from the Flat Hat Club, the nation’s first secret society. The Flat Hat Club was founded at the College in 1750 and included among its members St. George Tucker, Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe. It is believed that the Flat Hat Club was the precursor of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, established at the College in 1776.

The Flat Hat printed its first issue on October 3, 1911.

The Flat Hat is produced entirely by a volunteer all-undergraduate staff. It has no faculty adviser. The student journalists of The Flat Hat control all online and print content. The production of the paper’s news and editorial content is in no way supervised by any College administrator. The Flat Hat also controls its own advertising and business departments.

Editor-in-Chief: Áine Cain
Managing Editor: Madeline Bielski                                                                                                Executive Editor: Isabel Larroca
News Editor: Amelia Lucas, Amanda Williams
Opinions Editor: Annie Sadler
Variety Editors: Emily Chaumont, Sarah Ruiz
Sports Editors: Nick CipollaSumner Higginbotham
Photos Editors: Caroline Nutter, Ashley Richardson
Online Editors: Julia Kott, Kayla Sharpe
Copy Chiefs: Richie Thaxton, Kat Turk, Bezi Yohannes
Chief Staff Writer: Emily Nye
Editorial Writer: Kaitlan Shaub
Blogs Editor: Matt Camarda
Graphics Editor: Brian Kao
Social Media Editor: Iris Hyon
Associate News Editors: Eleanor Lamb, Quentin Paleo                                                              Associate Sports Editor: Josh Luckenbaugh
Associate Variety Editors: Sam Dreith, Lizzy Flood, Marie Policastro
Business Manager: Jenna Staub, Amanda Lutick
Copy Editors: Lauren Bavis, Hannah Gourdie, Bobby LaRose, Benoit Mathieu, Eric Overton, Sydney Rosenberger, Phoebe Warren
Cartoonists: Dani Aron-Schiavone, Montana Cone, Abby Kahler, Maddy King, Patricia Radich, Christopher Rodrigues, Virginia Strobach, Sarah Thoreson
Webmaster: Ben Marks