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Super Bowl LIV displays superficial portrayal of Latinx women in United States

In my almost 20 years of living in the United States, and in my eight years of being an avid American football fan, I’ve...

China’s Western Horizon: Geopolitical Consequences and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Thursday, Feb. 13, the Alexander Hamilton Society at the College of William and Mary hosted a discussion in McGlothlin-Street Hall entitled “China’s Western Horizon:...

Gates protestors act without evident intentions, reasoning behind protest proves unclear

Before I start, let me confirm one thing above all else: I am a live-free-or-die supporter of our inviolable right to peacefully protest. The...

Free Condoms on Campus: An Interactive Map

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a map detailing where you can get free condoms on campus. 

Blast From the Past – February 10th

Blast From the Past is a weekly history blog dedicated to the lives of marginalized groups — such as women, racial minorities, people with...