Joining The Flat Hat

Whether you are interested in pursuing journalism or not, working with The Flat Hat can be a valuable and rewarding experience. With The Flat Hat you will develop valuable marketable skills and have fun contributing to the campus conversation.

Without an official journalism program at the College, The Flat Hat is the student resource for training future journalists. Recent staff members have gone on to pursue degrees at institutions such as Columbia School of Journalism and work in local and national publications ranging from Politico to The Washington Post to New York Magazine to The Christian Science Monitor to the Chronicle of Higher Education to the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily to The Atlantic Magazine and The Washington Post. Annual conferences held across the country for staff members allow the opportunity for both networking with top journalists and development of journalism-related skills.

Any student at the College is eligible to join The Flat Hat at any time. Please contact the editor of the section you are interested in, or e-mail the editor-in-chief.

New writers will work personally with staff members to improve their writing and interviewing techniques, to prepare themselves for future careers in the field. The Flat Hat runs an internship program during the fall semester that allows participants to gain hands-on experience in writing, editing, multimedia, and developing content for two of the paper’s sections. This program is the best option for students interested in becoming editors of the paper. The Flat Hat staff writer program allows students to work as writers and reporters for the paper with less rigor than the internship program

Not interested in writing? The Flat Hat still has opportunities for you.

The photography staff documents campus events with an artistic flair, while graphic designers contribute to the visual appeal of the paper with stunning illustrations and assist with more creative page designs.

The Flat Hat business staff works with both local and national companies and organizations to reach the student body and maintain the continued financial operations of the paper.

Those interested in computer programming can join The Flat Hat’s web development team, currently engaged in designing and launching a dynamic new website for The Flat Hat.

Familiar with or interested in video production, podcasts, and social media? Join the online team, which works to document campus life through new media.