CW alters live history program

    “Revolutionary City,” a Colonial Williamsburg program that was started last year in an effort to increase ticket sales, is undergoing some changes for the start of the 2007 tourist season.

    p. “Revolutionary City” is a two-hour theater presentation that takes place on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. Each program consists of seven scenes highlighting the events that occurred in Williamsburg prior to and during the American Revolution.

    p. The action in the scenes of this year will look similar to last year’s. However there is now a more systematic schedule detailing which scenes will take place on what day. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, a program entitled “The Collapse of the Royal Government” will take place. On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, “Citizens at War” will occur. A new program entitled “Nation Builders” will be performed Mondays.

    p. Monday’s performance of “Nation Builders” includes scenes of famous founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Washington. There are also performances from lesser-known contributors to the founding of America. These characters discuss issues such as the Declaration of Independence’s impact on their lives.

    p. The action in “The Collapse of the Royal Government” takes place between 1774 and 1776. Actor-interpreters perform the events that caused colonial Americans to turn against the British government prior to the Declaration of Independence.

    p. “Citizens at War” contains scenes from 1776-1781 that reflect how the Revolutionary War affected Williamsburg citizens.

    p. Street theater scenes are the core of the “Revolutionary City” program, but there are many other performances. “Revolutionary Stories,” a new program, consists of speeches from characters in the “Revolutionary City” scenes. These speeches serve to provide insight into the lives and goals of the characters from the “Revolutionary City” scenes. Characters include Lord and Lady Dunmore and Patrick Henry.

    p. Another new program is “Revolutionary City After Dark,” an evening program that begins in April. “The Gunpowder Plot,” is a walking tour exploring the events of the Gunpowder Incident, and “A Capitol Ball” includes music and dance to celebrate the arrival of Lady Dunmore.

    p. “Revolutionary City” began March 19. The main scenes take place between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. and are open to College students. “Revolutionary Stories” will take place in the morning. Street theater scenes will take place along Duke of Gloucester Street from Botetourt Street to the Capitol, and “Revolutionary Stories” will take place at the Governor’s Palace.


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