By The Numbers: Dining Hall Theft

    The following numbers were provided by Phil DiBenedetto, resident district manager of dining services. They include lost and broken items as well as stolen and ones. During room checkout at the end of the semester, Dining Services will put boxes in dorm halls so that students can easily return items.

    p. **The Caf**
    Approximately $15,328 worth of plates, bowls, glasses, forks, knives and spoons have to be replaced every year.

    p. **The UC**
    $16,123 worth of serviceware items are replaced every year.

    p. **Per student**
    Each year, Dining services spends $7.67 per student on a meal plan to replace all serviceware.

    p. **Glasses**
    The dining halls lose between 120 and 150 glasses each week.

    p. **Silverware**
    The dining halls spend just under $1,000 a week to replace silverware.


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