Police Beat (March 30)

    **Wednesday, Mar. 14 —** Faculty members filed two consecutive reports of receiving threatening and suspicious e-mails. **(1)**

    p. **Sunday, Mar. 18 —** Two students were arrested for drinking in public and underage alcohol possession in Dawson Circle. **(2)**

    p. **Tuesday, Mar. 20 —** A student reported larceny of a barbecue grill from the porch of Unit K. **(3)**

    p. **Wednesday, Mar. 21 —** A laptop computer estimated to be worth $2,100 was stolen near Jamestown Road **(4)**

    p. **Thursday, Mar. 22 —** A student was charged with a DUI and petit larceny after being found in possession of parking signs and cones near Jamestown Road and Burns Lane.

    p. **Friday, Mar. 23 —** A College student reported that a bike worth $350 was stolen outside of Taliaferro Hall. **(5)**

    p. **Saturday, Mar. 24 —** A student complained about noise in the Grad Complex Building. Police visited the building and asked students to refrain from making noise. **(6)**

    p. — Two students were arrested behind Landrum for drinking in public and underage alcohol possession. **(7)**

    p. — Police were called to Unit C to investigate defecation on the first floor common area. **(8)**

    p. **Sunday, Mar. 25 —** A student was arrested on Blair Drive for drinking in public and underage alcohol possession. **(9)**

    — A resident assistant in Old Dominion Hall reported a broken window in room 111. A student corroborated the story by reporting that she had heard someone banging on the window before it broke. **(10)**

    p. **Monday, Mar. 26 —** A male student reported an estimated $400 worth of damage to his vehicle parked outside of William and Mary Hall. **(11)**

    — A student in Unit C filed noise complaint against students in Unit D who told the police they would turn down the music. **(8)**


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