Other delis here to stay

    Although the College Delly is going out of business to make room for a Starbucks, the two other local delis — Paul’s Deli and the Green Leafe Cafe — say that business is good and that they have no intention of leaving.

    p. “Business at the Green Leafe has been outstanding for the last several years,” Green Leafe Co-Owner Kevin Abley told The Flat Hat. “I … give credit to our excellent staff for our continued success.”

    p. The Green Leafe is doing well enough to expand to New Town. The new outlet is expected to open later this month.

    p. “Our expansion to the New Town location is a result of our efforts over the last several years to move the business beyond just a college bar,” Abley said.

    p. “Business is steady … we do steady business at all times of day,” Betsy Griffin, a Paul’s Deli employee of 16 years, told The Flat Hat. The owners of Paul’s Deli were not available for comment at the time.

    p. Neither Abley nor Griffin felt they could speculate as to why the College Delly is leaving. Starbucks is willing to pay more than any other business to rent the building, which may imply that it would be more profitable than any other establishment.

    p. The Flat Hat reported March 23 that sentimental alumni had made offers to buy the College Delly and retain its name, but that their offers were much lower than that of Starbucks. Abley expects a Starbucks to do well in the College Delly’s location.

    p. “Starbucks is a very successful corporation that I’m sure does their homework before entering into a business venture,” she said. “I have no doubt that they will be quite profitable at that location. Their huge marketing budget, buying power with vendors and proximity to the College make it a can’t miss deal in my opinion.”

    p. Abley also said that he does not think that the end of the College Delly will transfer business to the Leafe.

    p. “The College Delly attracts a very different crowd,” he said. “I don’t think it will change our sales one bit.”

    p. “You might be surprised to know that our lunch and dinner business well eclipses our late night business,” he added in an e-mail to The Flat Hat.

    p. The new establishment in New Town will reflect that, as it will be more of an upscale eatery than the Scotland Street location.
    Starbucks will replace the College Delly this summer pending an environmental review.


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