This Week in Flat Hat History (Aug. 24)

    The College administration and inter-fraternity council passed a plan that would not allow freshman to pledge fraternities until their second semester. College officials said that they hoped the plan would ensure that fraternities would be able to pledge members with good scholastic records.

    p. **1966**
    The library stationed an employee at the main entrance to ensure that all books were being checked properly. According to librarian William C. Pollard, on average, 384 books disappeared per year. He said 1.4 percent of the total collection had been lost over the last 13 years.

    p. **1976**
    Residence Life switched Dupont to a male dorm and Yates to a female dorm, reversing the dorms after over 10 years. The switch was deemed necessary by the Associate Dean for Residence Hall Life because of Title IX’s fair housing demands, and he admitted that Dupont “was in the best shape” of any dorm except for the Botetourt complex.

    p. **1980**
    This was the first year students could move into the Randolph Residences. For the first few weeks of school, they had no key cards to get in or permanent doors. Some had to stay in temporary housing while Cabell and Tazewell Halls were completed.


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