Wise up on Williamsburg words

    Confusion may be a daily part of Williamsburg life, but the only real confusion affects drivers around Confusion Corner. Students have their own vernacular to describe life at the College.

    **The Caf —** Located on the edge of campus near Yates Hall and the Randolph Complex, the Commons dining facility features more interesting and flavorful options — and friendlier service — than the University Center. Sweats, gym shorts and T-shirts tend to be the attire of choice at the Caf. Its proximity to the Rec and practice fields means it is frequented mainly by freshmen and athletes.

    p. **The Cheese Shop —** This convenient eatery is one of the dining darlings of Williamsburg and creates specialty sandwiches to order. Their house dressing and bread ends are a favorite of students sick of campus food.

    p. **The College —** Some may refer to William and Mary, but the more common shorthand for our university is simply the College.

    p. **Confusion Corner —** Five roads converge where campus meets CW: Richmond Road, Jamestown Road, Duke of Glouster Street and North and South Boundary Street. Easy to traverse as a pedestrian, the intersection is a source of perpetual confusion for tourists and parents unaccustomed to Williamsburg roads.

    p. **CW —** Simpler than the cumbersome Colonial Williamsburg, CW is the tourist haven east of campus that begins just past the Wren Building. It comprises Merchants Square and many colonial-era recreations, including the Capitol Building and the Governor’s Palace.

    p. **Daily Grind —** Every college student appreciates the necessity of caffeine. When you get sick of the UC’s poor excuse for coffee, head across the UC Terrace to the Grind. If you don’t have money on your Express, be sure to bring cash; the fresh coffee, tea and baked goods cannot be purchased with Flex Points or credit cards.

    p. **The Delis —** Where most college towns have bars, Williamsburg has delis. Paul’s Deli and the Green Leafe Cafe on Scotland Street and the College Delly on Richmond Road are great places for a local meal. After dark, they compose the hopping nightlife scene of the town.

    p. **Dodge Room —** The Caf, UC and Marketplace aren’t the only places to use your meal plan. Tucked away behind Andrews Hall, the Dodge Room is perfect for grabbing a quick lunch. Stop by on your way to class to buy a sandwich, ice cream or a salad with Flex Points.

    p. **DoG street —** A pedestrian walkway, Duke of Gloucester Street forms the heart of CW. It is home to a variety of shops and popular restaurants, including student favorites such as the Trellis and Fat Canary.

    p. **Ho House —** The Hospitality House, across Richmond Road from the Alumni House, is recognizable by the large pineapple on its sign. Its proximity to campus makes it a choice hotel for parents during Family Weekend and alumni returning for Homecoming.

    p. **Jamestown Beach —** If the hour drive to Virginia Beach seems too long, don’t worry. Though not on the ocean, Jamestown Beach is a short 15-minute drive from campus. Take the Colonial Parkway toward Jamestown and you’ll arrive at this charming beach on the James River.

    p. **Merchants Square —** The non historical side of CW features a variety of shops and restaurants ranging from the kitschy College Shop to the preppy haven of pink and green, Pink Cabana. Be sure to show your College ID at the Campus Shop to receive 20 percent off your purchase.

    p. **Mug Night —** To draw business Sunday nights, the Green Leafe Cafe sells discounted mugs of beer.

    p. **New Town —** A short drive from campus, New Town calls itself a “mixed-use ‘New Urbanism’ community.” A movie theater and local hangouts such as the Corner Pocket are interspersed with apartments and more mainstream shopping options.

    p. **The Outlets —** A few miles down Richmond Road lies the Prime Outlets, an outlet mall housing nearly 100 stores. An additional set of stores, including Burberry and Tommy Bahama, is slated to open in the spring.

    p. **Rape trail —** There is a shorter way to get from the Unit E end of the frats back toward the UC. This poorly lit path has earned an unfortunate moniker, but is just as safe as any other part of campus.

    p. **Sex Change** — Short for Student Exchange, the Sex Change is on the bottom floor of the UC, just past Quiznos. You can use Flex Points, Express, credit cards or cash at this most convenient of convenience stores.

    p. **Steer Clear —** When flitting between parties on and off campus, driving is often not an option and walking wastes valuable social time. Call Steer Clear, the sorority- and fraternity-sponsored safe ride program that runs Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

    p. **Sketchy cups —** Parties can vary a lot, but 18 oz. cups are a given. Usually red, they are perfect for beer pong, flip cup or just holding a drink.

    p. **Thirsty Thursday —** Sometimes two days isn’t long enough for a weekend. To combat this, many students consider Friday a full fledged weekend day. Those who can do so skip Friday classes or avoid scheduling them so they can start partying Thursday night.

    p. **Triathlon —** Graduation requires completing countless tasks. Arguably the most important, albeit unofficial, is the triathlon, a set of three activities usually completed in the middle of the night. Students must streak the Sunken Garden, swim in the Crim Dell and jump the Governor’s Palace wall and find their way to the center of the maze.

    p. **UC —** The University Center in the middle of campus houses Lodge 1, your mailbox, the Center Court dining hall and a number of meeting rooms. The dining hall itself is often referred to simply as the UC.

    p. **The Units —** To avoid breaking the Williamsburg ordinance prohibiting more than three unrelated people from living together, Greek housing is on campus. The Units are the College’s version of frat row. Fraternity brothers live and host parties in a series of connected, cramped buildings on New Campus. Non-frat Units are the residences of sophomores with the worst lottery numbers.


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