Coming Attractions: Sept. 7

**The Go! Team — “Proof of Youth”** (Sub Pop)
The Go! Team’s sophomore record, “Proof of Youth,” is perfect bubblegum pop with an off-the-scale anti-production method. Contributors include Chuck D, the Double Dutch Divas and Solex. The band has the ability to remind you of the Jackson 5, Sonic Youth and Public Enemy in a single song.
Sept. 11

**Hot Hot Heat — “Happiness Ltd.”** (Sire/Warner Music)
Singer Steven Bays’ breakup with his long-time girlfriend is an obvious influence on Canadian rock group Hot Hot Heat’s fifth album. In a departure from the band’s prior new-wave stomp, the album kicks off with a sappy ballad about the eternity of misery. Fortunately, the band soon returns to its disco-rock sound.
Sept. 11

**“3:10 to Yuma”** (Lions Gate Entertainment)
It’s late 1800s Arizona, and drought-plagued farmer Dan Evans (Christian Bale) volunteers to deliver infamous gang boss Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) to a train taking him to trial. While being chased by Wade’s gang, the two gain a mutual respect despite their different backgrounds.
Sept. 7

**“Tell Me You Love Me”** (HBO)
Premiering this Sunday, HBO’s new show “Tell Me You Love Me” follows four couples of various ages in relationship therapy. It also features lots and lots of graphic, raunchy sex, done with sadly realistic prosthetics. The experienced cast includes Ally Walker, Adam Scott and Broadway alum Jane Alexander.
Sept. 9

**“Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon”**
By Garrison Keillor (Viking Adult)
Keillor’s new novel is about the fictional Minnesota town so familiar to “Prairie Home Companion” fans. “Pontoon” spins a tale of romance and adventure revealed after death, with plenty of Keillor’s homegrown wit.
Sept. 11


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