7th Grade laughs it up

    Sketch comedy troupe 7th Grade will hold its first performance of the year, titled “7th Grade Opens for Lenny Kravitz” tonight at 8 p.m. in the UC Commonwealth Auditorium.

    p. 7th Grade’s humor can be categorized as “slightly eccentric college humor,” member Kelley Quinn ’09 said. However, the group should not to be confused with the prominent improv comedy group Improvizational Theatre, since the complete show is entirely scripted and rehearsed.

    p. “[The show] is pretty hilarious and really cheap,” Quinn said.

    p. The admission price is $1. 7th Grade said it will use all proceeds to purchase a more authentic fat suit than the one it currently owns.

    p. The hour-long event will feature several one-scene comedy sketches that contain everything from transvestite hookers to dolls of elderly people and a pooping seagull. There will also be vampires, ribbon dancing and beanbags. The cast also suggests a cameo by Elizabeth Hurley will occur, though oddly enough that could not be confirmed. The sketches stand independent of each other so that the show loosely resembles the NBC show “Saturday Night Live.”

    p. Despite the title, the content of the show has nothing to do with Lenny Kravitz, although the group has been encouraging a rumor that “Lenny Kravitz is someone’s uncle.” The audience will, however, partake in a Lenny Kravitz coloring contest, for which the grand prize is a date with 7th Grade.

    p. The show promises to make its audience laugh, cry, and occasionally interact with the performers. “We’re pleased that the show coincides with Yom Kippur because we were influenced by Hassidic verse in the creation of the show,” James Damon ’09, president of 7th Grade, said.

    p. No matter what happens tonight, it’s clear that the performers plan on having as much fun as their audience. Damon alleges that the group’s strong bond can be attributed to its long history together. “We used to travel the country in a boxcar solving mysteries,” Damon said.

    p. 7th Grade has geared some of the sketches in this particular show toward freshmen who may be unfamiliar with the group. One such sketch is called “Training Midterm” and is a favorite among group members. The group hesitated to provide any information beyond the title, but promises that the sketch is extremely funny.

    p. Freshmen are welcome to watch the show and consider auditioning for the group Oct. 1 and 2. No experience is necessary.

    p. The group wants its fans to know that its smell has improved by 10 percent this year. The members now describe themselves as “charming and well-groomed.”

    p.If even that fails to entice, 7th Grade member Hayley Loblein ’08 provided one more reason to attend the show. “Someone in 7th Grade is looking for love,” she said.


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