This Week in Flat Hat History (Sept. 21)

    The U.S. Government placed the first post office on campus in the Citizenship building that was torn down in 1931. Due to the demands of a government post office, the building was renovated to hold the new office.

    p. **1951**
    A special edition of The Flat Hat was released Sept. 20 that contained an apologetic statement by members of the faculty regarding academic irregularities in the athletic departments. A meeting revealed that the athletic program had hit a point when the athletic life of certain students was considered more important than academic life.

    p. **1967**
    The Commons, now known as the Caf, was opened, giving the College a second dining hall. The Commons greatly relieved overcrowding in Trinkle Hall of the Campus Center, which was then used as a cafeteria. Students could only eat breakfast and dinner in their assigned food halls, but lunch could be eaten at either cafeteria.

    p. **1984**
    Blow Gymnasium, now known as Blow Memorial Hall, was closed temporarily to discuss security protocols.. The gymnasium was open to students and alumni. However, it was found that a number of people who were not alumni, students or faculty members were using the gym.


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