Putter up

    __Kappa Delta hosts the largest philanthropy event on campus__

    p. Unsuspecting tourists strolling through the Sunken Garden tomorrow run the risk of being knocked unconscious by airborne tennis balls.

    p. Tomorrow, the sisters of Kappa Delta will host their annual Campus Golf tournament in which golf balls are replaced with bright yellow tennis balls and big white buckets are used for holes.

    p. Teams consist of four players — students, faculty or family — who are encouraged to play in costume. The costume contest is one of the main events that lures participants to the green — or brick. Prizes are awarded to winning teams. Attire ranges from the creative to the extreme.

    p. “There was one team that dressed up as ‘The Walk of Shame,’” KD sister Megan Luckey ’08 said. “These girls had eyeliner all over their face and had ‘going-out’ tops with boy’s basketball shorts on. It looked like they walked straight over from a night at the frats,” Lauren Katkish ’08 said.

    p. Every sister has her share of memorable moments from the past years. “My favorite was a Super Mario team that dressed up like all of the characters from the video game,” Katkish said. “They carried around a boom box that played the opening song, too.”

    p. The tournament is not only about fun and games; it’s about raising money for a worthy cause. In 2006, KD accrued over $12,000 for Avalon, a local shelter for women in abusive relationships. This amount increased in 2007. This year the sorority hopes to raise at least $10,000 for Avalon and Prevent Child Abuse America.

    p. “Most people think that sororities are only about friends and hanging out,” said Sarah Bennett ’08, who formerly served as the sorority’s president. “Philanthropies show that we care about giving back to our community. You can really see that by the amount of money our philanthropies raise.”

    p. Tee times start at 9 a.m. and continue though out the day.


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