Hollywood Gossip (March 14)

    **Shrink advice from C. Love?**
    From one trashy trainwreck to another, Courtney Love has some advice for Britney Spears. The fellow fallen starlet referred Brit to counselor Warren Boyd, who has helped other rehab frequenters. We always endorse seeking help from an expert, but Court may not be the success story the toxic mom needs. Though rarely revered for her luxurious locks, Courtney had another kernel of wisdom to offer Brit: “She’s got to get a better hair weave.” Amen.

    p. **Una maison pour Brangelina**
    Humanitarian couple Ange-lina Jolie and Brad Pitt are looking for a new place to adopt, er, live. With another superbaby on the way, the power couple has made an offer on an 850-year-old house in the Provence region of France. With a $20 million stamp on the estate, Brangelina is looking for the perfect hospital to bring the newest addition to the save-the-children family into the world. Bienvenue.

    p. **Like a Hall of Fame virgin**
    Madonna must be thanking her lucky star. The material girl joined the music inferno that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unlike many stars, who are nominated repeatedly before induction, Madonna was eligible for the first time this year. The prima diva got something to remember as Justin Timberlake inducted her Monday. Iggy Pop and the Stooges performed “Burning Up” and “Ray of Light” in tribute.

    p. **Ex-cons gone wild**
    Freshly released from jail, “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis has already jumped into new projects. Joe, who went to jail for tax fraud and faces allegations for filming naked, underage girls, plans to spend spring break in his office while 50 videographers in 14 cities conduct research for new films. His other new project, the first Girls Gone Wild magazine, will hit newsstands April 15.


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